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  • 06/09/17--19:41: New Video: ECKVA9


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  • 06/09/17--20:08: A little help would be nice.
  • Okay, so, I'm an oldtimer here, been involved in this for years and years, feels almost like a lifetime ago.

    I never finished Clear Lakes 44, and I haven't seen a single upload of ECKVA. So can someone give me a quick rundown of what the hell is going on now?

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  • 06/10/17--14:01: TRIBETWELVE: SEASON TWO
  • Helpful links for understanding the story:
    Youtube Channel:



    Previous thread:


    Sarah (minor character, links not needed to understand the story)

    The first video of season 2:
    EDIT: base 64 translates to:
    Trust me.
    Trust yourself.
    Trust us.

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  • 06/11/17--03:50: Clever?
  • Take care to enter the email address correctly.

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  • 06/11/17--04:42: I am the new one
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    (unfortunately, the full article is behind a paywall, unless you can find the magazine in print)

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  • 06/11/17--22:04: ARG THESIS
  • :twisted: i'm a student at bard college at simon's rock & i'm majoring in critical / cyber theory & i want to do a thesis project on alternate reality gaming. in this thesis, it will not only be about args/concepts of simulation/reality theory, but will function as game itself. any ideas are welcome !

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    Hi all!

    I just finished my doctoral dissertation that includes research on using ARGs for education. It is titled: "Gameful Approaches for Computer Science Education: From Gamification to Alternate Reality Games", and if you are interested to take a look, it can be found here:
    (The summary of the dissertation is freely available as pdf, but if you are also interested in the articles of the dissertation but can't access them, just send me a message...)

    The dissertation includes research involving an ARG called "Stop Toilworn Diamond" that was discussed in Unfiction here:
    If any of the ARG participants are reading this, I want to say a big thanks to you all! I had a great time organizing it :)

    - Lasse

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  • 05/29/17--18:06: [Trailhead] Ascend
  • Received the following link without further comment. Multi-lingual video of a cultist "Ascensionism" religion.

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    I am looking for portfolios and resumes from people or companies who have created ARGs and successfully run them to completion.

    My agency is looking to review your past work to help determine if it would be appropriate and feasible to run an ARG for a popular tourist attraction. To this end, we would need to see outlines and production notes from past games.

    Please be prepared to discuss elements of your work including cost planning and lead times necessary for games of different sizes. This is not a guarantee of work, but all submissions will be vetted for future consideration.

    Any and all work contracted would be very fairly compensated.

    Interested parties should email me at FPenca (at) LNPNews (dot) com. Please include "ARG Development" in your email title.

    Thank you!

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    Hey. I've gotten back into ARGs, and I'd like to create one of my own. I know enough to know that I won't be launching anytime soon, and it'll probably go through a lot of planning, but I still do want to make one; the only problem is I don't how to make the puzzles/a good puzzletrail/a good trailhead (and other etc things). I wanted to look at ARG post-mortems to see how they did it, but most of them have been taken down (a lot of the articles too), so that leaves me with no knowledge of how to actually handle running one.

    Anyone here got good up to date links about the intricacies of running/making an ARG? Good puzzle ideas, how to make the various social media accounts look realistic (dates and such), and things of that nature would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • 06/15/17--10:43: CluesAreEverywhere
  • At the end of the trailer for Murder on the Orient Express, coming out later this year:

    there's a URL for

    Clearly, this is movie marketing, but they seem to be setting up a bit of a clue search. There are clicky things at the "CrimeScene" with entry boxes (and more may unlock over time??), and I've found at least one clue on the teaser poster that solved one of them. There's also an option to log in via Facebook (no thanks!) to track your progress.

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    Sean posted the following to the admin/mod forums:

    Hey, everyone. I've got some bad news, I'm probably going to have to shut the forums down in the near future. Last Friday, a tree fell through the condo my GF and I were renting. No one was injured but the damage is so extensive that it will take half a year to fix so our landlord is breaking our lease. We're going to have to figure out how to get all of our stuff out of there, replace what has been damaged, find a place to store it temporarily, and find a new place to live. We both have insurance but won't know until tomorow what our coverage will provide. This is not an ideal situation or timing. I'm likely going to need to cut expenses as much as possible and unfortunately, maintaining these forums will almost definitely be one of them.

    I don't know when this is going to happen and I'm only going to have intermittent internet access for awhile. I will try to let everyone know with some advance timing before anything is actually shut down.

    I really appreciate everything all of you have done to keep these boards running smoothly over the years. Even though I haven't been around much lately, I'm going to miss having this place and community available.

    Sorry for the bad news. I'll let you know more when I can.

    I, being the pain in the ass Pixie I am, set to work trying to find out how to save the forums. I asked some questions, I got some answers.
    First off, all of our efforts may be moot if he can’t get into his Condo to get his computer. Brian was texting with him earlier today, and he’s going to try to get in there tomorrow. HOPE the weather is good until he can get in there. The city is only letting them in, because of hazard I guess, at specific times.
    The tree that fell on the condo is still there because the restoration company cannot get a crane up the hill to the condos (too steep) that is big enough to lift the tree off. There are three specialized off-road cranes in the Pacific NW that might be able to do it, but there's no firm timeline for when that can happen. In the meantime, the condo is completely exposed to the elements other than tarps stretched over the holes in the roof as well as the tree. We're expecting another ice storm in a couple of days. If they can't get the tree removed before then, since the power and heat are off in the house, I'm looking at a high likelihood of significant personal property damage. Insurance will cover some of this expense but there will be a huge cost in time in trying to replace stuff, especially electronics and data-related. Until the tree is removed, we are forbidden from having a service come in to pack up, remove, and store all the personal property.

    Next off, he needs more than just money, he needs RELIABLE TECH HELP!
    On top of that, at this point I don't really remember or understand how stuff was set up on the servers and the people who used to help me with those things are no longer available. My hosting company has been bugging me for some time to upgrade the old server hardware which I've been ignoring because I honestly don't know how to go about it without a good deal of free time to figure it out on my own, and I'm afraid I'll screw it up unless I have skilled and trustworthy assistance.

    Finally, I feel like none of us really knew how $$$ much he was putting into UF.
    Forums server hosting alone is about $4000 per year currently (with the ancient hardware). Supplemental Dreamhost is about $200 per year. Domains and stuff are about $500. Business costs are about $1000. Other miscellaneous may bring it all to about $6000 per year. Doesn't seem like much but that's about $500 per month that I'm paying almost completely out of pocket. Donations for the past few years have been around $20-$200 per year.

    He wanted to stress a few points:

    • It should be noted that donations to Unfiction can only be used for Unfiction Inc. expenses so I wouldn't want people to think they can help me with personal expenses by donating that way, although having all of my income available for personal use again would certainly help.
    • Even if I just shut everything down, there are still going to be some costs involved with final tax returns, dissolving the business, etc. I don't yet know how much I'm going to face in out-of-pocket expenses
    • Assuming I can continue paying for the forums server hosting and the servers continue to work for awhile, then I could punt on the issue of shutting down until I get my personal situation stabilized.
    • We're not going to be homeless through insurance coverage and back up plans to stay with family after insurance runs out, but again this will severely limit my ability to do anything other than working and finding a new residence.

    So... While it may seem like a short term solution, let’s rally and get some donations going. IF NOTHING ELSE, it keeps UF alive until we can figure shit out. Since a donation to UF doesn’t go to Sean, but it stops Sean from having to put money in himself, it helps him out personally. Remember also, this is his baby. He wouldn’t have put all that money out of pocket into keeping that running, FOR US, over all these years, if he didn’t love it. Let’s show him, and Unfiction, some love back!!!!


    12/13/16 - UPDATE!!!

    Man, you guys are super awesome. It really helps knowing I don't need to worry about this for the time being. I did manage to get my computer tower packed up and have it with me for safekeeping but I only have the tower so I still won't be able to access it for awhile.

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    I was on Facebook today and this page was in my recommended pages. It stuck out to me for having just 5 likes


    The page links to a Vimeo video that no longer exists, but another link to a vlog about how their meds are BS is linked. Supposedly the guy in the vlog (Horace Hoyle) heard about it in the news, but obviously there's no mention of Crane Corp or GRIN in the news.

    There's a comment on the Facebook page leading to GRIM , a page which seems to be the heroic organisation in this (assuming it's an ARG).

    On the GRIM page there's a lot of hints that Horace Hoyle's videos might be puzzles. There's also a Vimeo link to a video called A World Of Only Smiles .

    Almost everything related to this was uploaded on April 20th 2016, from both Facebook pages to Horace Hoyle's youtube vlogs. It was clearly intended to be an ARG or some kind of chaotic fiction, but it doesn't seem to have gotten off the ground. Did anyone ever come across this, hear anything about it, or hell, participate in it? I'm genuinely curious as to why this doesn't seem to have gone anywhere.

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    I got really into the Slender Man Mythos when I was in high school. I wanted to know everything I could about him, so I read a lot of Wikis and watched a lot of documentaries and short films.
    There was one that really got to me though. I remember it so well too, like certain scenes just play back in my mind flawlessly. I recalled it about a year ago and went to go watch it again, but there was one problem, I can't find it at all. I know I found it on Youtube, so I don't know if the original uploader just took it down, but it almost feels like this movie doesn't exist.
    I hope one of you knows it so you can help me at least give me a name. If you have the link that would also be great. I'm just going to try to describe it as best I can and hope it rings a bell with someone.

    The movie was shot in found footage format. It was clearly some tribute to Marble Hornets since the plot was very similar. The short film was about the group of people trying to shoot a movie. I'm pretty sure the movie they were shooting was some shitty soap opera type of crap. While they are filming they start to have technical difficulties, and there will be single frames where the Operator would be present. I feel as though this detail is crucial, the Operator's face was BLACK, not white. I don't know why. Anyway, the director becomes more and more influenced by Slender as he becomes angrier, more unstable and more demanding of his cast, as he pushes them really hard.
    At one point in the film they all go to this fair to unwind and I remember this one specific scene where the main girl protagonist is on a carousel and as it spins around we see the Operator standing right in front of it for a few seconds. It was real creepy.
    After that I don't remember the rest of it. This is kinda why I want to find it, so I can watch the end. I've been searching for this film for a year, so please help! I can't remember how long the film was exactly, but it was no less than 10 minutes but no more than 40.

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  • 06/21/17--13:09: Twin Peaks Secret Code
  • Not sure if this has been posted already, or is of interest, but

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  • 06/21/17--18:56: [trailhead] S.V.V.
  • This ARG centers around Applicants joining the S.V.V. or Sodalitas Vulturis Volantis. Which roughly translates to the Brotherhood of the Flying Vulture or Brotherhood of "Altair". Vultur Volans is also the name of the star Altair, one of the brightest stars in the night sky (wikipedia). Altair seems to be a central theme to this ARG.

    The S.V.V. is apparently an "outer order" of the Department of Convolution, which is using the internet to find recruits. Something they don't typically do.

    Players begin by submitting their application from . After which the Secretary e-mails them some details. Shortly after the Chancellor e-mails the applicant a clue or puzzle.

    Applicants are then put through a series of tests, some are cryptograms (ranging from substitution ciphers to steganography;or integer sequences to musical cryptograms; or made up alphabets to DNA/RNA encoding turned into ciphers). Some puzzles are for all players, while others are individualized tasks - given to each player based on the way they answer some questions. Some tasks are for anyone capable of completing them (i.e., actually playing some musical pieces on a real instrument - we tried submitting a midi, was not accepted haha).

    A player has found an object in Northern San Diego after going to the location of a tweet; another object was found in a library in Zurich. One object had symbols and a phone number, while the other contained the message "Tell the Chancellor 'The Wedding will commence'" in German. Unknown objects/clues may be at other locations @svulturvolans has tweeted

    After Applicants pass the first couple of tests they are "Knighted" and given a "Name". Each Name corresponds to one of the 72 Names of God according to a Kabbalistic tradition. Players are asked to "transmit" their Name, after which it is added to a chart on .

    There's also a youtube channel with strange videos. And a soundcloud with strange music.

    For more info check out the discord we're active on:

    We're making a wiki for it here:


    K, that's all! We really could use more players and help with some of these puzzles.


    Edit: April 2nd.

    I'm editing this post cause I don't want to keep posting things below and said I'd give an update.

    So, some additional findings:
    odlwvlf youtube channel
    oldwvlf soundcloud
    Maria Padhalia facebook - the "Secretary of the Northern Jurisdiction"
    SVV facebook page
    "docleaks" - A "hacker" who may or may not be a character has a dropbox and twitter and has been "releasing" things he found when he hacked the SVV. Apparently there are government connections. raw e-mail files, etc

    There's stuff hidden in the website html, like you click on view - developer - and then there's code behind the code.

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